our vision


Elevate: Fusion Fitness is a next-level gym that re-defines how you work out. Limits don’t exist. A community cheers you on.  And you find the joy in becoming your strongest self.


our mission


At Elevate: Fusion Fitness, we create a community that takes you to the next level of fitness.

Walk through our doors and enter a space that transforms the way you work out. Our classes are designed to push you to your outer limits – where you’ll find out what you’re capable of and how strong you can become. When you're focusing your energies on our VersaClimbers, you’ll quickly discover that we’re passionate about bringing the most power-inducing workouts together under one roof. For you. For us.

We immerse you in a journey that engages all five of your senses. It begins with what you see: our inspiration wall that builds you up and electrifies your workout. It touches you the moment you grab onto the handles of our VersaClimbers – our signature, get you into the best shape of your life, fitness equipment. It finds your sense of smell through evocative, aromatic candles. It motivates you in the sounds of our playlists, filled with inspiring lyrics and a beat that never quits. And it reaches your taste buds at Salúd Express, our in-house café where we offer fresh juices, healthy bites, and a place to enjoy each other’s company.  

Our doors are open. Our playlists are pumping. And our hearts and minds are ready to take you to the next level of fitness.