welcome to elevate.

Ready to see where your yes will take you? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re a boutique studio dedicated to elevating your workout to the next level of fitness. We offer Pittsburgh’s only VersaClimber classes. Step inside, leave your worries at the door, and become better than you were yesterday.


I want to #elevate my workout. How do I get started?

It’s easy! We offer a number of ways to sign up for class. Click the BOOK A CLASS tab on our site and select your class from the schedule. Classes can also be booked through our own custom App..


Do you offer free classes?

Yes! Your first class is free.


What should I wear?

You’re going to sweat. A lot. So we recommend workout clothing made of performance materials that wick away sweat. Avoid loose cotton or baggy sweats. Lace up a pair of cross-trainers or other closed toe athletic shoes and you’re ready.


Do I need to bring anything to class?

A water bottle, energy, and a determination to be the best version of you.


I’ve never climbed before. What’s it like?

In one word: transformative. When you grab onto the handles of our VersaClimbers, you elevate your workout to the next level of fitness. It consists of push-and-pull movements that mimic your body’s natural motion, so you’ll pick it up quickly. A resistance knob allows you to adjust your level of difficulty throughout the class. One of our staff members will assist you in getting set up on the machine.



Elevation 1 – Our Signature Class

This class is designed for everyone, from beginners to fitness pros.

It’s a power-inducing, 30-minute workout that hits every muscle group, torches calories, and transforms your body from head to toe. The instructor will lead you through movements choreographed to the music. Expect a challenge. Expect to sweat. And expect to #getelevated.


Elevation 2 –
This class is designed for those who want to push themselves to the next level of climbing.

This 45-minute class is designed around a target distance climbing goal. The instructor will guide you through 45 minutes of exciting music and movements to help you achieve the climbing goal.


Booty Blast –
Tone & sculpt your lower body.


This 30-minute legs only class is designed to tone and sculpt your lower body through intense climbing without the use of the VersaClimber handles.


What are the benefits of working out on a VersaClimber?

The VersaClimer is the fitness world’s best kept secret. From NYC to LA and everywhere in between, fitness experts across the nation hail the VersaClimber for being safe, extremely effective and easy to learn. Here are our top five favorite benefits:

1. Maximizes heart rate
2. Increases mobility
3. Burns fat
4. Builds strength
5. Puts zero impact on your joints


Ok, I’m ready to #getelevated! Who teaches your classes?

All of our classes are taught by an amazing crew of award-winning, experienced fitness instructors. Click here and get to know them. They’re ready to get you #elevated.


I am not in the best shape. Can I still take your classes?

Yes! We recommend starting with the Elevation 1 class, which is designed to help you be your best self, no matter the pace! You can adjust your pace as you see fit throughout the class. We encourage all fitness levels.